Arab Evangelical Episcopal School & Episcopal Technical and Vocational Training Center

For a decade, the Cathedral has maintained a significant working relationship with both the Arab Evangelical Episcopal School (AEES) and the Vocational Center (ETVTC) at Ramallah, in Israel’s West Bank. The schools are an obligatory stop off for parishioners participating in our Holy Land Pilgrimages.

There is a steady growth of the student population at AEES. The school plays a central role in the lives of students and their families and is “need-blind” in its enrollment policy. 

ETVTC enables young adults to receive technical and vocational training and skills. The program develops their confidence and self-esteem, and permits them to enter a job market that seeks their skills set, and more importantly receive good   compensation. 

The Cathedral has funded various projects for both schools, from the construction and maintenance of their facilities, to scholarships, curriculum training, and materials.