Acolytes assist the clergy in worship services striving to contribute to the liturgical depth of Cathedral services.  Anyone over the age of 10 is welcome; both adults and youth are invited to serve at the altar. Training provides an insight into the history and responsibilities of acolytes, and the acolytes collectively maintain the equipment used.

Contact: Andrew Kluetz, akluetz@gmail.com


Adult Education

The Education Committee and the clergy work closely together to offer many opportunities throughout the year for adults to gather for learning, dialogue, and discussion in a variety of settings. Some activities include:

•            Bible study, often scheduled for weekday evenings and Thursday mornings, is organized throughout the year.

•            Lenten series, which combines a talk and discussion with a simple soup meal during the Lenten period.

•            Sunday Forum, is a weekly meeting during which a parishioner or guest speaker makes a presentation on one of a wide range of subjects, from the liturgy to art to religious history. Forum speakers frequently serve as catalysts for lively and provocative discussion and questions. The Sunday Forum series meets from 9:45 – 10:45 am on most Sundays during the school year.

Contact: Bill Tompson, william.tompson@oecd.org

Alcoholics Anonymous

AA groups meet at the Cathedral each weekday from noon to 1:00 pm or 1:30 pm, depending on the day. All are welcome. To learn more, visit www.alcooliques-anonymes.fr/aafrance/

Altar Guild

The Altar Guild’s quiet, servant ministry exists to insure that the worship space and liturgies are appropriate – spotless altar linens, shining silver, candles in good order, well laid-out sacred vessels for the service, and care for the Sacristy. The Altar Guild works directly with the Dean and other Cathedral clergy, and members of the Guild are appointed by the Dean. The members are communicants of the parish and are on duty about once per month.  Many Altar Guild members find the work spiritually enriching in profound ways.

Contacts: Harriet Rivière, bob.riviere@wanadoo.fr

American Cathedral Foundation

The American Cathedral Foundation is the Cathedral’s legal entity in the United States. The Foundation manages the Cathedral’s endowment.

Contact: Nancy Treuhold, nancytreuhold@aol.com



The Cathedral possesses records dating to before the dedication of the building in 1886. The Archives Committee is charged with the task of organizing and safeguarding the archives for posterity within easy access, and furnishing documents and photographs to scholars and writers.

Contact: Kate Thweatt, thweatt@noos.fr

Art Show

Les Arts George V, the Cathedral’s arts association, presents an annual exhibition of original art by parishioners and family members, usually in the spring.

Contact: Peggy Paul-Cavallier, peggypolka@aol.com