Development Commitment

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The docents, who provide weekly tours after Sunday worship, aim to promote the understanding of the historical, liturgical, cultural, architectural, and artistic movements that brought about the creation of the parish and its beautiful worship space.

Contact: Dennis Grove, deg1953@gmail.com

Eventide at the Cathedral

(6:00 pm on Sunday)

Contact: Dean Laird, 01 53 23 84 02, dean@americancathedral.org

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Finance Committee

The Finance Committee assists the treasurer and the Director of Finance in establishing the budget and setting up processes and procedures to ensure the good management of Cathedral financial resources.

Contact: Rob Johnson, rmjventures@gmail.com

Fine Arts and Acquisitions

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Flower Guild

The Flower Guild’s mission is to intensify and support worship by decorating the Cathedral with plants and flowers appropriate for the regular and special services of the liturgical year, as well as for weddings and funerals. Parishioners who wish to mark a special event such as a christening, wedding or anniversary, or to give flowers in memory of a loved one, can make flower donations by contacting Tony Holmes, 01 53 23 84 08, parish.coordinator@americancathedral.org

 The Guild welcomes and provides training for new members who are able to commit to a two-hour participation every four to six weeks.

Contact: Timothy Thompson, Tsthompsonphd@gmail.com

Friends of the American Cathedral

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