meet the counselors


As a French-American bilingual psychologist, Debra Berg has over 25 years of clinical practice in greater Paris including her involvement at the Counseling Center at the American Cathedral, at the European Space Agency and in the public health network formerly at Corentin-Celton Hospital. She works in French and English with adult individuals and couples with a broad range of problems that bring them into therapy.

As a certified EMDR practitioner, Debra helps people deal with trauma, whether severe and exceptional events, or trauma due to recurrent or chronic life conditions. Debra Berg is known for being pragmatic, direct, warm and compassionate. She establishes a strong therapeutic alliance accommodating each client’s needs and capacity for change. She gets great satisfaction from helping clients understand and overcome their problems, gradually moving from pain to thriving as they transform their lives. 

Prior to her move to France, Debra Berg received her Bachelor of Science degree in occupational therapy and worked in general hospitals and geriatrics centers in the U.S.A.
She received her French national diploma in occupational therapy and worked in psychiatry with mentally ill adults for 8 years. She continued her studies and became a clinical psychologist, obtaining her D.E.S.S. degree from the University of Paris-VII-Jussieu. She then studied systems theory (family, couples) and developed her skills in the craft of therapy with French, American and British colleagues.

Marie T. Liane

Marie-T. Liane has been practicing as a clinical psychologist for 20 years at the Counseling Center at the American Cathedral, at an outpatient consultation for individuals with work-related problems and as a member of the “Réseau Morphée”,          a health network  specialized in treating Sleep Disorders. She works in French, English, Greek and Arabic with adult individuals and teens.

Marie-T.  studied Clinical Psychology with a psychodynamic approach and received her D.E.S.S degree from the University of Paris V-La Sorbonne-René Descartes. Marie has long practiced in an outpatient consultation for sleep disorders, in a sleep management program that comprises both individual and group therapy and has also participated in a research program, evaluating CBT, cognitive-behavioral therapy, as an alternative treatment to sleep medication. Since 2012 she’s been involved in creating a service and programs in Stress Management and self-assertiveness, reserved primarily for people with work-related difficulties. Marie is trained in Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy and also in Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy.

Marie-T. uses a Cognitive-Behavioral approach for addressing insomnia, anxiety, depression and/or stress. This approach has been shown to help patients, both adults and teens, engage in a dynamic therapeutic process, actively building functional coping strategies, self-confidence and positive self-esteem.