Liturgical Guilds

Worship services at the American Cathedral involve the participation of not only the clergy and those assembled, but also the support, assistance and coordination of several dedicated groups known as Liturgical Guilds. These groups work behind the scenes to prepare the necessary service materials and also participate in the service itself. 



Acolytes assist the clergy in the leadership of worship at the weekly 11:00 AM Eucharist, on feast days, and at other special services. Anyone over the age of 11 is welcome; both adults and youth are invited to serve at the altar. Several training and practice sessions are conducted.




The Flower Guild purchases and arranges the flowers that adorn the altar and nave for Sunday services, special liturgies, weddings and funerals. All volunteers, the Guild members are trained in flower selection and arrangement. Contact


Lay Readers

Lay readers, or lectors, are responsible for reading scripture and prayers at the Cathedral's 9h00 and 11h00 services, as well as at Evensong and other special services. There are occasional vacancies in the roster of lectors, who number eighteen.


AltarGuild (2).jpg

Altar Guild

The Altar Guild's quiet servant ministry exists to ensure that our altar and space is prepared for our worship. They lay out the sacred vessels and linens for the service and care for the Sacristy. Members of the Guild are appointed by the Dean.



Ministers of Communion

Ministers of Communion are appointed by the Dean and licensed by the Bishop to assist the clergy in the distribution of the elements at Eucharist (Holy Communion).



Among the first persons one sees upon entering the Cathedral for a Sunday service, the ushers play a very important role by extending that first warm welcome and providing efficient guidance while ensuring security measures behind the scenes.