All Christians are called to give a portion of their time, talent, and treasure toward the work of the Church. The easiest ways to give to the Cathedral are to become involved with one of our specific ministries and to make a financial pledge. Pledging is crucial in enabling the Cathedral to plan its ministries in advance; it provides a stable financial base for the support of our programs. Pledging also reflects our prayerful response to God's call to be good stewards of our possessions.

Every fall during the Stewardship Campaign, members of the Cathedral are asked to make their pledges. Those joining the Cathedral during the year can pledge at any time by filling out a pledge card (see below). Pledges can be paid weekly, monthly, or annually, by cash, check, or direct debit. The size of the pledge is less important than your willingness to commit a definite amount to support God's work in this Cathedral. As a pledging member you will receive Trinité, our magazine, and you are eligible to vote in vestry elections and general meetings of the parish.

Your participation in the Annual Appeal as a pledging member of the Cathedral enables wonderful things to happen:

• Expanding the Cathedral's mission and outreach for the needs of the world.
• Fostering a caring, committed community of faithful seekers.
• Enhancing programs for fellowship, education and spiritual formation for children, youth, and adults.
• Supporting worship and music that inspire, nurture, and challenge each of us to become active vessels of the transforming love of God in Christ.

Click here to see the 2018 Annual Call to Membership Brochure.