"Is Our Work Finished"? : Lambda Planning Meeting, November 4

"Is Our Work Finished"? : Lambda Planning Meeting, November 4

We bear witness to an Episcopal Church that, by its concrete actions, promotes inclusion and diversity. With the achievement of access to ordination and marriage equality, many LGBT advocates have reasonably asked, “Is our work finished?”. Groupe Lambda, the Cathedral’s bilingual parish group for theological reflection and fellowship on LGBT issues, is trying to answer that question. Some of us met in July 2016 to discuss this, and a larger and more diverse group will meet on Saturday, November 4th.

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Mission Matters: Vanderbilt Melodores Liven Up Coffee Hour at the American Cathedral, Sunday March 5th

Last Sunday at the Parish Coffee Hour, award-winning, all-male acapella group the Vanderbilt Melodores braved the torrential Parisian rain to give a fifteen-minute performance to a packed Parish Hall. The Melodores’ show was full of beautiful solos and included some impressive beat-boxing. A heartfelt thank you to the Melodores for stopping by and taking the time out of your Parisian holiday. And if you’re ever back in Paris, do come and see us again at the Cathedral!

For those who missed it (or for those who want to relive it!), head to our Facebook page for a short video of the performance.

The Melodores are the fifth season winners of NBC's The Sing-Off.  To hear them or find out more, please visit: www.melodores.com .

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