Mission Matters: Amelie’s Angels

Amelie’s Angels was founded in 2013 after Amelie Le Moullac was tragically killed on her bicycle in San Francisco. This non-profit, associated with St. Mark’s Episcopal Church in Palo Alto and supported by the Mission and Outreach Committee at the American Cathedral in Paris, works in partnership with “La Confession de St. Pierre” in Pacasse, Haiti, bringing the gifts of education, food, clothing, toys, and most importantly love and laughter to Haitian children in need. In 2016, the American Cathedral contributed €9,000 to Amélie’s Angels, including €8,000 to go towards the cost of building a new school to serve approximately 250 students, and €1,000 for badly needed school supplies.

What’s been happening in Pacasse with your gifts?

The Mission and Outreach Committee is pleased to report phase one of the school is complete with the entire foundation laid and two completed classrooms. They are basic cement block structures for now, but classrooms are already being used to teach 7th and 8th grade students, as well as for music and dance rehearsals, lunch rooms, and general gathering places.  The entire school currently goes from first to eighth grade, with plans to add a ninth grade next year. Money sent for school supplies in September went towards books, notebooks, pens and pencils. They were also able to provide the majority of students with school uniforms and shoes. And the work continues!  Finishing touches such as the "crépissage" of the walls, paint and electricity are set to occur in the upcoming third phase of work.

The 2016 efforts to support the school are just a part of the Cathedral’s continuing commitment to Amelie’s Angels and the children in Pacasse.  A critically needed well was recently completed with a 2015 grant from the Cathedral.  It is 70ft deep and is fully encased, ensuring the water remains pure as it is pumped through the ground. The well is truly a source of life and vitality not just for the school but also for the entire community: a place where every day the community comes to retrieve water and bathe.

The Mission and Outreach Committee is currently looking at ways to bolster their support of Amelie’s Angels and the children of Pacasse.  They are starting to look at additional support through a new grant. 

“This project is terrific,” said Dean Lucinda Laid, “and I want to see it grow.  It’s not just that Amélie was well-beloved here at the Cathedral (she was), or even that it’s a wonderful idea to have this 3-way (Paris, Haiti and California) partnership (it is).  The important thing is that a not-very-big amount of money is making a BIG difference in children’s lives. We hope that in due course we can even become more hands-on, with youth and adults visiting and helping.”