The Mission & Outreach (M&O) Committee offers parishioners the opportunity to respond personally to Jesus Christ's command to care for those in need. Financially, the Cathedral allocates 10% of its previous year's plate and pledge income (the Biblical tithe) to these initiatives. In selecting recipients, the committee looks for multiple opportunities for long-term personal involvement, to appeal to a wide range of skills and to utilize interests amongst parishioners. 

Some of our current companion relationships include the Arab Evangelical Episcopal School in Ramallah, West Bank, local support of LGBT youths through Le Refuge and a collaborative project with Amelie's Angels and St Mark's parish in Palo Alto, California to build a school for students in Pecasse, Haiti. 

Parishioners also give of their time and talents providing, among many other things, career counselling and computer training to socially marginalised individuals in the Paris suburbs through association with HOME and Maison des Tilleuls. In addition, volunteers can participate in a mission lunch every Friday for as many as 65 people in difficulty, and spearhead the preparation of more than 2,000 Love In A Box gifts for children in need every Christmas. 

For more information on how you can help please contact us at