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Sunday Forum, January 28: “Preachers, Priests and Prophets in Literature: Marylinne Robinson’s award-winning ‘Gilead Trilogy.’"


January 28: “Preachers, Priests and Prophets in Literature:  Marylinne Robinson’s award-winning ‘Gilead Trilogy.’” 

Sunday Forum, 9:45am in the Fleetwood Room, American Cathedral in Paris.

Many writers have portrayed priests and preachers in their fiction, from Victor Hugo to  Graham Greene and E. L. Doctorow, from Dostoyevsky and Kazantkazis to  François Mauriac and Georges Bernanos. In this Forum, parishioner and theologian Professor Anne Marie Reijnen discusses the unique approach of the great contemporary novelist Marilynne  Robinson in the three books Gilead, Home and Lila, published between 2004 and 2014. The writer and essayist Robinson describes the preachers and “prophet” in the trilogy as admirable and flawed human beings, weaving together theological themes and the rhythms of contemporary life. 

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