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Sunday Forum, March 11: "Truth in the Post-Trump World"


March 11: “Truth in the Post-Trump World” 

Sunday Forum, 9:45am in the Parish Hall, American Cathedral in Paris.

Parishioner and former Executive Editor of the International Herald Tribune Walter Wells moderates a round table discussion of the challenges facing the press in the age of social media, “fake news” and “alternative facts”. Participants include Eleanor Beardsley of NPR, CNN’s Jim Bittermann, Alissa Rubin of the New York Times, Bloomberg’s Anne Swardson and Time’s Vivienne Walt. Do we really live in a “post-truth” era? Lies, slander and innuendo are nothing new, and yet it feels as though the world really has turned a corner with the advent of technologies and practices that make it easier than ever to fabricate and disseminate misinformation on virtually any topic. What does that mean for people who really want to report in the best, most accurate way possible? And for those who want to consume reliable reporting? How can we sustain civil, meaningful political debate in such an environment?

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