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Sunday Forum, April 8: "The Bible Jesus Knew"


Sunday Forum, April 8

"The Bible Jesus Knew"

Sunday Forum, 9:45am in the Fleetwood Room, American Cathedral in Paris.

Contemporary Christians, especially liberal Christians, often have trouble knowing what to do with the Hebrew Scriptures – the texts that constituted “scripture” for Jesus and His contemporaries and that we rather undiplomatically designate the “Old Testament”. We are much more at home with the New Testament, particularly the Gospels. Much of the Old Testament can seem baffling, boring or even offensive to the modern mind, and there is a widespread (though mistaken) tendency to contrast the “angry God” of the Old Testament with the “loving God” revealed in Jesus. In this Forum, parishioner Bill Tompson presents a broad overview of the Church’s relationship with the Hebrew Scriptures: why did the Church hang onto them and what has it done with them? In addressing these questions, he sketches out some broad themes that emerge from the Hebrew Bible and shows how rich and relevant they are to our lives today.

Our weekly Sunday Forum is an opportunity to discuss and explore topics ranging from politics to spirituality, economics, and literature with fascinating speakers and other interested individuals. To find out more, send us an email at or give us a ring on 01 53 23 84 09.