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Sunday Forum, June 17: “Enlightenment Now? Or Apocalypse Now?”

Sunday Forum, June 10

“James Cone: ‘Father’ of Black Theology"

Sunday Forum, 9:45am in the Fleetwood Room, American Cathedral in Paris.

For this Father's Day Forum, parishioner and theologian Anne-Marie Reijnen pays tribute to the theologian Dr James H. Cone, the pioneer of Black liberation theology who died on 28 April. Fifty years ago, as campuses and inner cities erupted in revolutionary turmoil, here in France and in the USA, a young theologian asked himself how the Black churches should  respond to the cries of Black power. Following in the footsteps of his own mothers and fathers in the Black church, following great thinkers and activists like WEB DuBois, Malcolm X and Martin Luther King, James Cone articulated the first liberation theology, a contextual response of African American Christian faith to affirm the redemption of God given to all, with the power to resist oppression. How is God the Father not only of Jesus the Christ but also the Parent of all, in a segregated society? How can we overcome the legacies of plantation theology, which put white people on top of the pyramid, with black women and black men destined by divine Providence “to make a crop”? Prof. Reijnen describes Cone, together with Moltmann, as a  theological “father” to her. We will look closely at one of Cone's smaller works from 1972, the beautiful and accessible The Spirituals and the Blues

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