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Cathedral Forum: What's So Original about Sin?


The proclamation of the “forgiveness of sins” has been central to the Christian message since Jesus’ day. Yet Christian understandings of “sin” are often confused and bear little relationship to the message of Jesus and His earliest followers. In this Forum, parishioner Bill Tompson looks closely at the “sin language” of the New Testament, highlighting some of the paradoxes that emerge when we take the its witness seriously. Above all, he shows how the Biblical writers’ views of sin must be always understood in light of the Easter message of Jesus’ resurrection and the divine forgiveness that it makes known.

    Sunday, January 20, 2019 at 9:45am in the Fleetwood Room.

The Cathedral Forum is a weekly lecture series with topics that range from theology, politics and spirituality to economics and literature. The forum regularly features prominent speakers from academia, the media, and journalism.