Why is the Cathedral seeking pledges in its Annual Appeal at the same time that it seeks pledges to its Capital Campaign?

Both are critical. At a fundamental level, the Annual Appeal provides the means for the church to accomplish, on a daily basis, the work of Christ in the world. Capital campaigns focus on long-term goals that are beyond the reach of an annual budget.

Specifically, the Annual Appeal provides the funding needed to meet our annual operating budget. It pays for everything we need to operate the Cathedral - e.g., clergy and staff salaries, heat and light, mission and outreach, building maintenance. These expense categories translate into services of worship, pastoral counseling, Sunday school, music programs, support of mission projects- the daily life and work of the church.

Being exceptional rather than annual, capital campaigns such as Together in Faith usually fund major building projects. The Together in Faith Capital Campaign will correct decades of deferred maintenance in our buildings; it will enlarge the useable space for parish meetings, Sunday school classrooms and offices; it will overcome deficiencies in accessibility.

What is our target for the Annual Appeal?

As a result of determined financial discipline, the operating budget of the Cathedral has actually declined by €75,000 over the past five years. This has allowed us to reduce our dependence on our endowment to a normative 5% annual withdrawal. This reduction has had hidden costs, however - we are under-staffed and we depend on volunteers to do skilled jobs as individual schedules permit. We have foreseeable new costs associated with managing the capital project ahead of us. For this reason, we are targeting a 10% increase in the Cathedral's operating budget next year from the 2009 level of €921,057.

What are we asking from individuals to meet this goal?

With planned increases to the budget, what will the Vestry do with the extra money?

What's wrong with donating money in the collection plate rather than making a financial commitment I might not be able to keep?

I would like to make a pledge -- How much is appropriate?

What is proportional giving?

What methods of payment does the Cathedral accept?

I would like to use offering envelopes -- How do I get them?

Can I specify exactly how I want my pledge to be used?

What if I make a pledge, but later find that I can't meet my obligation?