Your Council of Advice, meeting in online conference on Dec. 7, approved the new charter for the Committee on Mission Congregations. This is an important activity that you will be hearing more about.  The convocation has seven mission congregations, that is, they are not (yet) full churches in the convocation. They are: Charleroi in Belgium; Montpellier in France;  Orvieto and Milan in Italy and Augsburg, Nuremberg and Karlsruhe in Germany. The revitalized committee will be working with the mission congregations to support and strengthen them, helping them discern their future in discipleship and Christ.

The Council also made a decision that will improve investment while still safeguarding the convocation’s funds. Council voted unanimously to invest about $250,000 of its custodial account, about 75 percent of the total, in a diversified fund run by the Episcopal Church. Until now this money has been in money-market funds, which pay almost nothing. The church fund, which follows safe and socially responsible investing practices, will allow it to make a little money while retaining liquidity.

The Council’s next meeting is Feb. 16-18 in Wiesbaden, which is also the host of next fall’s General Convention of the Convocation.


Photo:  Back row, left to right: Anne Swardson, Paris; The Rev. Steven Smith, Munich;  the Rev. Sunny Hallanan, Waterloo (president); the Rev. Austin Rios, Rome.  Front row: The Rev. Robert Warren, Clermont-Ferrand; Yvonne Cockcroft, Munich; The Rev. Deacon Richard Cole, Geneva (ex officio); Sonja Marsh, Nuremberg. Not pictured: Mary Faigle, Montpellier.