2017 Lenten Food Drive: Don’t Give Up - Give Away !

The Friday Mission Lunch program is celebrating its 25th year of providing “the best, seated hot meals” in Paris for 64 guests in need of a meal and community. Left-overs are provided to those who could not get, or do not want, a seat at the table. We serve approximately 70-80 people per week.

To keep these meals going for many more years to come, we need your help yet again this year.

For Lent, instead of giving up your favorite food,

give away a food or kitchen item to the Friday Mission Lunch program.

Following is a list of the non-perishable items we use regularly to prepare these meals on a shoe-string budget – a gourmet meal for less than 3€ per person per week.

You may leave your donation in the marked plastic crates in the chapel/organ area from Sunday 5th March through Sunday 9th April.

See what we need!