Volunteers Needed For Youth Across Europe Party

The American Cathedral is hosting the Jubilee celebration of Youth Across Europe this year. To make it a success, your help is vital, particularly on Saturday May 27th. There will be a dinner dance to celebrate with all the youth and alumni in the nave. To make this event fun and meaningful, we need help with the following:

Friday May 26th afternoon – 1 or 2 people to help with the removal of hymnals, prayer books, welcome cards and kneelers from the pews.

Saturday May 27th from 2:00pm – for food preparation, cooking, serving dinner and cleaning up.

Dinner will start at 7:00pm with vegetable hors d’oeuvres, followed by chili and dessert.

Dancing will end at 11:00pm, at which time the pews will be returned to their original spots and the hymnals et al will need to be put back for the Sunday service.

Mark Heim has generously offered his PC (loaded with a playlist) and sound equipment. We need a volunteer DJ to keep everyone on the dance floor!

Should you not be available on the 27th but would like to participate, nut free desserts are most welcome.

If you can pitch-in, please email or call me: alllaugh@gmail.com (please note that there are 3 ‘L’s) or 06 26 41 03 24.

We highly appreciate all contributions and prayers you can offer.