Youth Across Europe Weekend-Welcome!

This weekend you may notice some younger faces that you've never seen before. Since Thursday, the cathedral has been host to the 20th annual Convocation Youth Retreat. Every year, youth from throughout the Convocation gather in one place to meet, hang out, bond over their common faith, and learn about varying topics (e.g. Bible heroes, or welcoming the stranger). This year we will be focusing on Jonah and second chances, coming closer, and pilgrimage.

Please join us in welcoming them!

The weekend programme is as follows:

Juniors Across Europe, May 25-28 in Paris

Youth ages 10-13 from churches throughout the Convocation will be coming to Paris to participate in the JAE retreat. The theme of the weekend will be Jonah and the whale, focusing on second chances.

Youth Across Europe, May 24-28, walking from Canterbury to Paris

Youth ages 14-19 will be meeting in Canterbury for our pilgrimage to replicate the first ever YAE 20 years ago. The group will be walking from Canterbury to Dover, where we will take a ferry and then a train back to Paris. The theme of the weekend will be "come closer."

20s and Alumni, May 25-28 in Paris

People in their 20s and anyone who has attended in the youth retreats in the last 20 years have been invited to participate in an urban pilgrimage here in Paris.