Welcome Tyson Rosberg!


Please join us in welcoming Tyson, our new seminarian in residence. Tyson is a westcoast-born Canadian, historian, story-teller, and lover of the rustic.  He did a BA (Hon) in History at the University of Victoria, before moving to Montreal to do an MA in oral history in 2013. It was during his MA research, however, that he found himself increasingly drawn to the ministry of the Church; he began theological studies at the Montreal Diocesan Theological College, an institution that has an academic partnership with McGill University's Faculty of Religious Studies. He is currently in his second (of three) years of study, and a postulant for ordination in the Anglican Diocese of Montreal.  He has also done mission work in the Diocese of Masassi, in southern Tanzania. Tyson will be working especially with our youth group and Sunday School programs.