Our Cathedral Sunday School


This Sunday (September 17) we commission our Sunday School teachers, and bless our teachers and children at the beginning of a new year together.  We are grateful to the following people for their gift of time, energy and love.

Class              Teachers (lead teacher in bold)

Doves :      Kate Lancaster, Edward Bates, Ginika Eze, Shirley Imig, Marc Lemperiere

Fish :           Emily York, Elisa Pahlawan, Thomas & Anne Marie Pellerin, Alex & Matt Schumann, Guillaume de Gournay, Aimee Smith, Laurel Yoder

Lions :        Matt Christensen, Joyce Chanay, Erica & Stephane Labous, Tina & Efrain Rosario, Bill & Gabriella Tompson, Melinda Arsouze, Lilian de Gournay

Arks :         Christine Ansari, Alicia Saba, Mabel Bec, Rhonda Bernard, Helen Charles, Colleen Ross

Back-up helpers : Marie Pierre Baldwin, Marie Bogataj, Zalfa Wazni

Sunday School Committee

Director : Joyce Chanay

Committee members : Christine Ansari, Marie Bogataj, Matt Christensen, Erica Labous, Kate Lancaster, Alicia Saba, Emily York

Spiritual leaders : Dean Lucinda Laird, Tyson Rosberg

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