Cathedral Coffee Hour Gives Up Plastic for Lent!

For Lent, many Christians give up indulgences like tobacco, alcohol, sugar, or swearing.  This year, the Church of England has asked Christians to give up a new item not traditionally on the list: plastic.  Specifically, the Church wants people to avoid the plastic consumer products and packaging that have become a catastrophic environmental problem, polluting oceans and rivers, fouling beaches, killing wildlife and clogging landfills.  A large part of the world’s plastic waste — estimates range from 5 million to 13 million tons a year — ends up in the oceans.

In the Ash Wednesday Litany of Penitence, we acknowledge “our waste and pollution of [God’s] creation, and our lack of concern for those who come after us.” In response to this and to the Church of England’s “Lent Plastic Challenge,” Coffee Hour at the Cathedral will be going paper and plastic free. In addition, the Wednesday night Lenten restorative yoga donation-based classes will be offering their donations to the Environmental Defense Fund:

For more information on the Church of England’s “Lent Plastic Challenge,” see:

Join in the challenge!