Cathedral Pilgrimage to Holy Land: Day 2, "From Jerusalem to Jericho"

"From Jerusalem to Jericho"


“Jesus said, a man was going down from Jerusalem to Jericho” (Luke 10:30)

"Today we traveled to the Judean desert towards the Dead Sea and Jericho, remembering the forty days of the temptation of Christ as we descended the Wadi el Kelt gorge...

WadiElKelt2 (2).jpg

At the bottom of the gorge, we arrived at the Eastern Orthodox Monastery of Saint George of Koziba founded around 480 AD by John of Thebes...


At the gate to the monastery, Dean Laird led us in a meditation on “encountering God in the clear light of the desert”...


Later, some chose to continue, contemplatively walking on to Jericho following the Wadi el Kelt valley. This wilderness path parallels the old Roman road, the backdrop for the parable of the Good Samaritan."


Watch this space for more posts to come and follow the Cathedral Pilgrims on their journey through the Holy Land!