Cathedral Pilgrimage to Holy Land: Day 3, "Ramallah and Taybeh"

Day 3, "Ramallah and Taybeh"

"Yesterday we left Jerusalem and crossed the checkpoint into the West Bank territory to visit Ramallah and Taybeh.

Ramallah, which loosely translates to mean « Hill of God » is the site of two schools that are supported by our Cathedral’s Mission and Outreach ministry, the Arab Evangelical Episcopal School and the Episcopal Technological and Vocational Training Center...

ArabEvangelicalEpiscopalSchool (2).jpg

We were so graciously greeted by both schools' directors and their students. At the technical and vocational school we enjoyed a delicious lunch prepared by the students, followed by a tour of their facilities which includes a revenue-generating guesthouse. It’s a place that provides second chances for many students and the rate of acceptance to university is very high. Here are some photos of the students at the AEES and the vocational students who prepared our lunch. Thanks to Iyad Rafidi, director of the AEES and Munjed, program director of the ETVTC for spending the time with us!


Then it was off to Taybeh, the only Christian village in Palestine. 

There we visited the Taybeh Latin School, where Sister Claudine gave us a tour of the roughly 300 year old Parables House - a typical Palestinian habitation best representing what a house resembled in biblical times. This particular house was inhabited until 1970.


The Cathedral’s Junior Guild association supports the school. Here fellow pilgrim and Cathedral parishioner, Nancy Janin, presents Sister Claudine with a donation which is used to defray the tutoring costs and provides employment for local teachers.


Later, we visited the ruins of a Byzantine era church with Elena Khoury, an American/Palestinian Christian living in Taybeh. We enjoyed an excellent beer and wine tasting at her family’s brewery and vineyard.


We ended our day with Tyson Rosberg, the Cathedral’s seminarian in residence, leading us in Compline.

“Guide us waking, O Lord, and guard us sleeping; that awake we may watch with Christ, and asleep we may rest In Peace." An Order for Compline, The Book of Common Prayer.

Watch this space for more posts to come and follow the Cathedral Pilgrims on their journey through the Holy Land!