Chorister Promotions 2018

Chorister Recognition 2018

This Sunday we will be recognizing the promotions of our Children’s Choir members as they have progressed through the Royal School of Church Music Voice for Life curriculum. The Voice for Life curriculum is a graded scheme that contains five levels: White, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Red, and Yellow. Choristers must meet certain criteria to be awarded his or her level’s corresponding surplice (White Level) or corresponding ribbons and medals. The curriculum consists of five areas of study: using the voice well, musical skills and understanding, repertoire, belonging to the choir, and choir in context. At the end of each program year, the choristers take a written test, voice evaluation, and must memorize certain prayers.
The Children’s Choir members earning the White Level Surplice are:
Eva Arsouze
Warren Arsouze
Willamina De Gournay
Arthur Merryweather
Allison Revelli-Mouranie

In recognition for service in the Children’s Choir (moving back to the United States) and receiving an American Cathedral medallion:
Benedict Davies
Thea Davies