Message from the Dean: The Election of a Bishop

Thanks to all of you who came to the Town Hall meeting on Thursday night to meet and hear from our four candidates for Bishop. Paul-Gordon Chandler, Mark Edington, Steven Paulikas and Ben Shambaugh are all excellent candidates and I think we can’t go wrong!


HOWEVER – we do have an election, which will take place at the Convention of the Convocation on October 18-20 in Waterloo. All the clergy who are canonically resident in the Convocation have a vote, plus two delegates from each parish, and the members of the Council of Advice. That means that the Cathedral has Anne Swardson (Council of Advice), Rob Davis and Andrew Kluetz (lay delegates) and Canon Haddad and Dean Laird voting. Bill Tompson and Harriet Rivière are alternates.

To win, a candidate must have a majority of the clergy and a majority of the laity at the same time. This can make elections very interesting, and you never know what might happen – e.g. an unexpected candidate emerging as a compromise, many ballots, etc. Our sincere hope and prayer is that all of us will be open to the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

The delegates will vote their consciences. We were all at the Town Hall meeting and had a chance afterwards at a small dinner to talk with them one-on-one. Now we are all working on reading up on the candidates and listening to their sermons on-line. Perhaps more importantly, WE WOULD REALLY LIKE YOUR INPUT. If you were at the Town Hall please let one or more of us know what you thought, who impressed you, who you thought had the qualities and the ideas we need. If you were not there, we would still like to hear from you about what you are looking for in our next bishop. You can send your message to our delegates at

I invite all of you to the adult forum on Sunday, October 14 (9:45-10:45) where we will have a town hall of our own to talk about the next bishop – our questions about bishops in general and about the Convocation in particular, our hopes and ideas, and our concerns. Please plan to be there and send us off to Brussels having heard from you.

Dean Laird