May 11 - Cathedral Youth Fundraiser : The Battle of Boat

Please mark your calendars for our Youth Fundraiser on Saturday May 11th from 5-8pm! 

A performance featuring American Children's Theater's All-Stars. (Tickets 10 euros / youth; 15 euros / adult; 40 euros / family rate).

THE BATTLE OF BOAT is a new English musical which debuted last year in London's West End and centers around a group of children struggling to find their place in a world at war.  As we commemorate 100 years since the end of WWI, this production has many educational links and really brings to life what it would have been like to live during this time.   

Check out the preview video: HERE

“Weaving powerful themes of rivalry, leadership and battle…each line, note and lyric carries a punch.  The Battle of Boat is an epic piece of musical theatre!” - Jonathan Baz

“A world of mice and mud, of beastie-traps and scraped knees. A world where anything is possible if only you’re brave enough and you have your friends to help you a bit.” – London Theatre Review