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Welcome to the American Cathedral in Paris

Bienvenue à la Cathédrale Américaine!

Welcome to the American Cathedral of the Holy Trinity, your spiritual home in Paris. We believe that all people are connected in Christ and that by our work we strive to translate God’s Love into action. We live out our faith through prayer, observance of the sacraments, music, fellowship, education, outreach, and good stewardship of our community and the world beyond. We are inspired by our American, Episcopal and Anglican heritage and are open to all cultures, languages and faiths that surround us. Wherever you are on your spiritual journey, whatever your questions, whatever your situation, we are glad you are here and invite you to join us.

Worship services / LES OFFICES


9 am  Eucharist  /  11 am  Eucharist with Full Choir  /  6 pm  Meditation Mass


Tuesday   9:30 am  Morning Prayer

Wednesday   12:30 pm  Eucharist