Thank you for inquiring about marriage blessings at the American Cathedral.  First, let us say congratulations!  What a sacred and joyous time in your lives. We rejoice with you as you make your way through this intense period of planning, preparation, and anticipation. The commitment to a lifelong union is a very special one, and we are happy that you are thinking of making the Cathedral the setting for your ceremony. We hope that the following information will help to answer some of the more commonly asked questions about having a wedding with us. 



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We Too Shall Be Raised
Funeral and memorial services are based on the order of service in The Book of Common Prayer, which says: "The liturgy for the dead is an Easter liturgy. It finds all meaning in the resurrection. Because Jesus was raised from the dead, we too, shall be raised." The liturgy is characterized by joy and the reality that nothing can separate us from the love of God. It also honors the very real grief that comes when someone we love, or struggle to love, dies. The pastoral staff is also available to discuss advance planning of a funeral. Please feel free to contact us. 

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Holy Baptism is full initiation by water and the Holy Spirit into Christ’s Body, the Church, and the time when the Christian community welcomes new members into the Household of God. Infants, children, and adults are baptized during services on specific Sundays of the year and at the Great Vigil of Easter. Click here for more information.