It has been a busy time for Strategic Planning at The American Cathedral in Paris. We have been working hard to discern where God is calling us and how we are going to get there. Aptly named Living out Our Vision in Christ, the strategic plan is being conducted in two phases. The overall goals of the strategic plan are:

Phase I  

Using a bottom-up approach, we have worked on the first two goals: Growing Spiritually and Strengthening our Communal Life. Charged by Dean Laird with the overall task of growing mission and ministry, we’ve looked at the calling and vocation of our work and reflected on our identity and vision. Every ministry at the Cathedral has participated in this process and we held a parish-wide retreat last Fall to get important input from the parish. The results of Phase I can be found here

Phase II

Beginning in Spring 2016, the vestry has appointed a special strategic planning task force that will be looking into the financial sustainability of the Cathedral’s budget, endowment and assets. Operating separately, but informed by Cathedral committees, we expect to complete Phase II by the end of 2016.


Through this process, we've discovered that we, the Cathedral community, would like to:

  1. grow spiritually in intimacy and with expectancy,

  2. strengthen our community by demonstrating love through shared acts of service and hospitality (by ALL members) and deepen our ties outside the church by helping our members share the good news and witness to our mission with outreach and service.

  3. Build a sustainable financial future for the Cathedral.