Welcome to the American Cathedral's Sunday School. Sunday School plays an important role in the formation of modern Christian life, and we aim to give a solid base and sound start to a child's lifelong journey of faith. It is especially important here at the Cathedral because many children and their families are here temporarily, while other children are bilingual and bi-national; attending Sunday School gives them a sense of their roots and language while providing a spiritual education. Sunday School runs from 10:45 AM every Sunday during French school term-time for children aged between three and 11.

We have four classes, and children aged 7 and over rejoin their parents in church prior to Communion during the 11:00 AM service. Children under three are cared for in the nursery, including vacations, and over-11s are served by the Rite 13 and Journey to Adulthood programs.

We now follow the Episcopal curriculum "Living the Good News". Lessons include prayers, bible stories, art projects and a weekly music session, and may include sketches, discussions and talks from outside speakers. Teachers and assistants volunteer their time and efforts to help children learn more about the Christian faith, adapting God's message to the appropriate age level to open up the possibilities of a life lived in the spirit of Christ. All volunteers are carefully screened according to the guidelines and Procedures for the Care and Protection of Children and Youth adopted by the Convocation of Episcopal Churches in Europe. They too are enriched and renewed as they share the Christian faith with the children. Learning to help other people is encouraged through the Cathedral's Christmas Love in a Box. project and the Sunday School Lenten project.

One of the highlights of the Cathedral's year is the Christmas Pageant, a colorful, moving and musical event with children of all ages taking part. Children also participate in church on Palm Sunday and at Pentecost. We are fortunate that Cathedral Kids and Families provides seasonal activities for the children, including special celebrations at Christmas and Easter.