Worship Services



An intimate spoken morning service held in the Choir, following the Book of Common Prayer, with scripture readings, prayers, a short sermon, and the Eucharist.


Our main and most attended service, celebrated in the Episcopal-Anglican tradition. There are scripture readings, poetry, prayers and a sermon by the Dean, the Cathedral Canon or assisting and visiting clergy. The Cathedral Choirs feature prominently in the sung parts of the liturgy - from the introit, psalm and anthems to leading the congregation in hymns and responses. Holy Communion, open to all and in keeping with our inclusive welcome, is received at the Altar and the Martyrs’ Chapel with pew service for the physically-impaired available upon request. 


This contemplative service we call Meditation Mass, is characterized by long periods of silence interspersed with music, poetry, scripture, the lighting of candles, spoken meditation and sometimes informal conversation among those gathered. 


In addition to Morning Prayer (Monday-Friday 8:30AM) and Wednesday Eucharist (12:30PM), special liturgies, the office of choral Evensong and major Christian feasts are also observed and may fall outside of the regular Sunday worship calendar. See our calendar for these services