The American Cathedral in Paris has served as a house of prayer for all people for over 150 years. The Cathedral serves not only as a notable tourist destination and prominent gathering place for English speakers visiting Paris, but is also home to a vibrant, active and diverse resident congregation. Some people prefer to participate in activities and services without formally "joining" the Cathedral; many others commit themselves by joining the Cathedral and supporting its life with a pledge.

 Everyone is welcome to attend all services and programs of the Cathedral. All who seek Christ are welcome to participate fully in the sacraments of the Church, including receiving Holy Communion.

 Many who worship with us choose to become part of the family in a more official way. Membership can take several forms from simply filling out a membership form, to providing a letter of transfer from another church, or formally committing themselves through baptism, confirmation, or reception.

 We hope that your experience at the American Cathedral in Paris will be abundantly enriched as you become engaged in one or more of the many cathedral activities listed here.

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