The Hampate Ba School

HAMPATE BA is a school for teenage girls in Niamey, Niger where the rate of early marriage and thus, lack of education is about 72% for young girls, the highest in the world. The Assocation Les Amis de Hampaté Bâ’s primary objective is to keep these female pupils in school.  

The “Food for Thought” program was launched in 2016 thanks to a Cathedral grant and other efforts, such as awareness raising events and a generous gift from a dedicated Thanksgiving service offering. In 2017, the school received further proof that the “Food for Thought” program is working as it keeps the girls coming to school for individual and group tutoring even while the school is being prevented by striking public school students from holding any formal classes. In a recent Niamey-wide math competition for all students in the American equivalent of 9th grade for which each school could send up to 3 students, 2 of the 3 students sent by Hampaté Bâ were “Food for Thought” scholarship girls. These two students placed in 5th and 2nd places in all of Niamey.

The Cathedral advocates for gender empowerment by assisting these young women to stay in school and to equip themselves for success.

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