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Our youth program is for youth in collège and lycée (we have Sunday School for younger children) and it meets on Sundays after church during the French school year.

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Newsletter for Rentrée 2017

Youth Group Launch 2017 event invitation



During our time together on Sundays we will eat lunch and discuss the Gospel reading that we heard that morning in church. We will take the time to ask “what, from this reading, is the Good News?” while emphasizing the fact that if it isn’t good news for everyone then it isn’t good news. We will use this as a jumping off point to talk about how the Bible applies to their every day lives.

Study and Service

Once a season (fall, winter, spring), we will meet to have a 'Study and Service' day. This will be time to meet and have the chance to further discuss topics like who God is, the Creeds, etc. Then the youth will have a chance to put their faith in action by completing a short service project, working with the Cathedral's Mission and Outreach Committee!


Once a month we also have activities outside the church (e.g. camping, movie nights, bowling) planned by the parents. 

 Youth pilgrimage to canterbury, May 2017

Youth pilgrimage to canterbury, May 2017


Within the youth program there are three ceremonies that serve as milestones in the youth's lives and spiritual formation.

Rite 13: Becoming A Teenager is the first ceremony which takes place after the youth's 13th birthday. It is a celebration modeled after the Jewish bar and bat mitzvah in which the youth give a reflection in front of the congregation and ask for their continued support, all the while celebrating the beginning of adolescence.

Confirmation takes place after the youth go on pilgrimage. This pilgrimage is a journey with their peers that helps them learn about themselves and their faith. During this time they begin preparation for Confirmation. The ceremony is found in the Book of Common Prayer and is a mature confirmation of their baptismal vows.

Senior Send-Off, as the name suggests, this is the way we send our graduating seniors into the world knowing that they have the support of their church. 

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